What is a RevSite?

Optimized for Search Engines

Optimized for Search Engines

Your RevSite is developed to work with the latest SEO trends and updates, giving you the advantage.

Designed for Consumers

Designed for Consumers

Quick information and a clear call-to-action make it easy for customers to choose your business.

Tailored to Your Goal

Tailored to Your Goals

Your RevSite is fully customizable and integrated with your digital marketing plan to drive sales.

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Locally Optimized Websites

Watch our video to understand why you need a locally optimized website.

Your Business, Your Goals, Your RevSite

Drive sales with a clear call-to-action.

We’ll place a call-to-action button right at the top of your RevSite, making it easy for consumers to interact with your business.

Eliminate information overload.

Give customers only the most crucial information they need to choose your business over the competition.

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Be found, everywhere.

Customizable, Adaptable, Easy

Get ahead of the competition.

We stay ahead of the latest algorithm updates and marketing trends, keeping your RevSite a step ahead of the competition.

Never wait for an update.

Your marketing strategist works with our RevSite team to ensure that your site is constantly optimized and updated.

Analytics that matter.

Drive Traffic Where You Need It Most

Bring in more customers.

Your RevSite is designed to do more than drive web traffic. Its main goal is to bring customers to your business and improve sales.

Support your website.

Your RevSite works with your current website, supporting your digital marketing strategy—and you get call tracking at no added cost!

A  better user experience.

RevSite FAQs

What’s a RevSite?

Our RevSite is a locally optimized website that comes as part of your business’s local search marketing plan. The RevSite is designed to help your business show up in relevant local searches and make it easy for consumers to choose your business.

Why do I need another website?

Your original website is great for customers who have already purchased from your business and are searching directly for you. Your RevSite, however, is optimized to show up in searches when local consumers are looking for products and services like yours, allowing you to reach new customers!

Can a microsite hurt my business?

It is a common misconception that microsites are considered duplicate content and will lead to penalties from Google. This is not true. Your RevSite supports your business’s full website by featuring unique, focused content that will help you show up in relevant searches. The RevSite gives customers a chance to find out more about your business and make a quick decision to call you or get directions, whereas your full website is designed for research but not necessarily to bring customers directly to your business.

Do I really need a RevSite?

The short answer is yes, a microsite works well for all local businesses looking to attract more customers and build a better online presence! Your RevSite is designed to drive customer interaction, and it works with—not against your business’s full website.

Is a RevSite a landing page?

RevSites are not the same as landing pages. Think of your RevSite as an extension of your main website, a more concise, interactive site that will give customers only the information they need to choose your business over the competition.

Can’t my web guy do all this for me?

Probably not. Your web developer is there for big changes to your website but may not have the time to devote to researching the latest trends and updates. Because we have a large, dedicated RevSite team, we have the time and resources to stay up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes, keeping your RevSite a step ahead of the competition and these inevitable Google updates.

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