How We Support Franchises

Localized Support

Localized Execution

Our multi-location marketing solutions begin with localized execution and support, bringing more consumers to your locations.

Brand Compliance

Brand Support

We partner with both franchisor and franchisee to create a tiered level of strategy and support for your business.

Centralized Reporting

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions include local search, review marketing, paid advertising and social media depending on your needs.

“You have to have your mentors, the people that you trust…that help you succeed. And, I really feel like RevLocal and Alex, my strategist, are really on my team. What sets RevLocal apart is that relationship.”

Pest Control Digital Marketing

What Makes Our Approach Different?

We've created a strategic department within RevLocal that focuses specifically on developing tailored digital marketing solutions for franchise and multi-location brands. By working directly with your brand, our team is able to develop and support tailored solutions that are exclusive to you.

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Support and Strategy at Every Level of Your Franchise

  • Franchisors Establishing a relationship at the franchisor level allows us to develop tailored solutions that focus on the needs of the entire franchise.
  • Franchisees To ensure our solutions are as effective as possible, our brand strategist will work with franchisees to handle the day-to-day tasks.
  • Franchise Systems By establishing relationships at both local and corporate levels, we create a connected and integrated digital strategy..

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